I hail from a small town called Ruleville, MS. There isn’t very much to see in Ruleville. My great uncle was a doctor there, and my mom worked for him. Afterward, she entered the field of special education. Fast forward through a family farmhouse in Shaw, a home in a quiet neighborhood in Cleveland, making the trek to Adamsville, TN, a few other stops along the way, and now we’re here. You could say I’m just a small town boy.

And now you’re humming Journey’s “Don’t stop believing.” You’re welcome.

Why is any of this important? We rarely ever end where we started. That’s how I see life, money, family, and relationships. There’s a continuous path that we are on and we are supposed to develop along the way. That doesn’t mean we will avoid setbacks. But it does mean we can grow and become better.

I’ve owned or ran businesses since my mid 20’s. It’s in my blood. But I know I’m better at it now than I was then. I have a better marriage, a better relationship with my family, a better balance between work and home. You get the idea. But there were setbacks.

A team I built a clothing company with fell apart. A mentor I grew under moved away. The stresses of trying to be everything to everyone hurt one of my closest relationships. My dad passed away right as I was starting this adventure.

I don’t say these things to impress you with my resiliency, but to impress upon you that no matter where you are right now, life can get better. You can gain control of your finances. You can get closer to the family. You can repair relationships. You won’t end up where you started.

Check out our solutions page to see the areas we can help. Most revolve around money or making a plan for your finances. We hope that if you feel confident about the decisions you are making and have peace of mind, you can focus on enjoying everything that’s good in your life.

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